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Here are some ways you can share the message. Let us all act to create a viral outbreak of responses for the the Medical Board of Australia to retract the document! We want to retain our freedom of unrestricted, uncensored health information, and retain the choice of the health care we want. 

Shout it out on Social Media

Here is some text you can copy and paste as a post on social media to help make more people aware of the situation and bring them back to this website to have their say through a submission to the MBA.

Did you know the Medical Board of Australia is planning to censor and restrict the information and health care solutions you doctor can offer you? I’ve had my say as I want to know all the health care options available to me, and make my own informed decision. You should too! Go to this website to find out more and have your say.

#myhealthcareismychoice #iwantthetruth #iwantthechoice


The Medical Board of Australia don’t think you can handle the truth! They want to censor and restrict the health care information and solutions doctors provide you. I want the Truth! I’ve had my say and you should too! Go to this website to find out more about this proposal and what you can do to help keep your freedom to be fully informed by your doctor about all your health care options.

#Myhealthcareismychoice#iwantthetruth #iwantthechoice


Get the Pollies on side



Letting our politicians know that this is an issue they should care about is important.  So call your local member – federal and state.  Write to your state health minister and Greg Hunt (federal minister).

We’re coming up for a federal election so there may be the potential for a little more action from our parliament (or there may not be).


Find your local member here

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health

Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Health


Meegan Fitzharis, Minister for Health

(Parliament in caretaker mode until after 23 March)

Brad Hazzard, Minister for Health

Walt Secord, Shadow Minister for Health

Natasha Fyles, Minister for Health

Steven Miles, Minister for Health

Stephen Wade, Minister for Health

Michael, Ferguson

Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Health

Roger Cook, Minister for Health