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Your freedom of choice for health care is under attack


Submission deadline 30th June 2019

Integrative and Complementary

medicine plays a huge part in the treatment and prevention of many chronic physical and mental health disorders

The ability for doctors to be able to inform you of other options and solutions that work for you are at risk

This website has been independently created to help generate awareness of attempted severe censorship of integrative and complementary medicine in Australia. The censorship aims to restrict the practice of any doctor who offers, or treats their patients with, these protocols as a health care solution.

The aim of this site is to help generate, and submit, a large body of evidence and case histories highlighting the positive impact integrative and complementary medicine has had, and continues to have, on people’s health and the ripple effect on families and friends.

Simply complete the form below and it will go directly to the Medical Board of Australia, as per their request. You can also select to have a copy of your submission emailed to you. We have provided information on ways to make it easier for you to create an effective submission.

The deadline for public submissions is 30th June 2019. Get your submission in today and share this site with friends and family to get as much support for keeping you freedom of choice.


We require submissions from the following:

Doctors & Practitioners


Friends & Families

General Public & Community Groups

In short anyone and everyone who cares about their Health Care Freedom. When you place a submission from this site, with your feedback, you add to the growing voice that aims to challenge this proposal by the Medical Board of Australia.

Every voice counts and this is the time to have your say and keep the freedom of choice for you, your family, friends.



NOTE : Do not include the Name(s) of you Doctor(s), Practice(s). 

The Key Issues to address are the harm integrative medicine is said to cause, the risk it is said to have, how vulnerable it is said to make people and the long term negative effects it is claimed to have on people. The other key issue to address is the impact, the loss of freedom of information, options and ultimately the choice we have for our healthcare. 

Keep it clear and professional. The depth and length of your submission depends on your skill base and the main message you want to express to the Medical Board of Australia. It is the number of repeat messages that will create a voice loud enough for the MBA to take note. A submission can be one paragraph long or many pages. Here are a number of ways you can have your say on this paper. 

– You can write a submission that has your feedback and comments on the MBA paper.

– You can write a submission that shares your health journey as a case history for using Integrative Doctors and Medical treatments.

– You can write a submission that shares your experience of a family member or friend who has used integrative Doctors and Medicine.

– You can write a submission that is combination of all of the above. 

There are a number of outcomes and messages you can include in your submission, the best result for us all we be to get the MBA to retract this document and start again with proper consultation with all affected. This can be your first submission and you may want to do that now.

A submission can be a response to the actual MBA paper, it may be to the entire paper or even just to one point. Submissions can be as short as one paragraph.

If you wish to get your message across more strongly you can send a copy of your case history to your local politician and the federal Health minister and shadow minister. Addresses are in this site on the Share page.

If you do not wish to use this site, or provide your story independently, and you still want to support keeping health care freedom of choice, you can provide your doctor or practitioner with your story, and with your permission (consent form provided on the resources pages of this site), they can forward it on to the appropriate organisation, or use it as part of their own submission.

The only data we are collecting on this site is the number of submissions clicked (not the content) from this site so we can ensure no submissions are unaccounted for by the medical board.

Use this form below to place your feedback on the proposal.

Support the movement to KEEP YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE and the ability for DOCTORS to be able TO INFORM YOU of ALL of the OPTIONS AVAILABLE to you.

Send me a copy of this message

There are a number of ways you can support

Number of ways you can support keeping your freedom to have these choices;

1. Place a written submission that shows your support for the freedom of choice and the current system. This website has a blank email set up which is linked directly to the Medical Board submission site.

You can use it, or prepare the email, send it to yourself and then send it from your own computer. If you are, or have been using integrated medicine as part of your personal health journey sharing the positive impact it has on you, your family and friends, both socially and economically is the most effective way to express your support.

2.Share this site, Share the flyers (see resources page) and the MBA Consultation proposal paper, with other friends, family and health professionals  who are in favour of this type of medical treatment and who wish to keep this freedom of choice

4.Inform your local politician about this consultation paper. Inform your local politician about the negative impacts this paper will have on your freedom of choice of health care and explain any social and economic impacts to you, your family and friends. Links on resources page. And sign any petition you hear  about this issue that is in favour of in support of keeping our health care freedom of choice.

3. Ask your doctor or practitioner about organisations that are creating professional submissions and support them with information and, equally importantly, donations.

5. Share the situation and make more people aware of the MBA consultation  paper on social media. Include this website when you tell family and friends about putting in submissions. Spread the word as far and as wide as you can and bring them all back here to put in their submissions to support keeping our Healthcare freedom of choice and integrative medicine. 

The Medical Board of Australia

The Medical Board of Australia’s prime responsibility is to protect the public from medical harm. Under this responsibility they have issued this consultation paper that, through the way it has been written, will effect your freedom of choice for health care and limit the options your doctors can inform you about.

Your freedom for choice is under attack! This simple site has been set up to help the countless number of people all over Australia who have, currently are or about to begin integrated or complementary medical treatments to place submissions in support of keeping their freedom of choice.

The proposal is likely to affect a number of treatments like

Bio-identical Hormone

Complex Treatment for
mould-related illness


It also aims to limit research
activities this area.

Treatments for
Chronic Diseases


Management of
Autism and mental issues

Emerging treatments